Avvocato Nicola Bergamini
Avvocato Nicola Bergamini

Credit recovery and Foreclosure

The Bergamini Law Firm manages with proficiency and care the operations of credit recovery and foreclosure. The Firm acts promptly in both cases, in order to reduce the backlogs that characterize the Italian judicial system.


The approach of the Firm for credit recovery is the following: first of all, it is necessary to gather all information about debtors’ solvency.


The Bergamini Law Firm have the appropriate technical and professional means to verify the debtor’s patrimonial situation, and also the existence of possible assets, that can be used in case of forced execution or account preservation.


The objective of the Firm is to provide the client with the quickest possible resolution to His problem.


If judicial procedures reveal themselves useless, it will be the same Lawyer Bergamini to recommend the best practice, in order to prevent the clients from additional loss of money.


The Bergamini Law Firm supports its clients day by day, in order to make the company management more efficient and easier. The promptness of interventions and the unconditioned availability to solve minor and major issues represent the added value to the service offered.






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35012 Camposampiero (PD)


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