Avvocato Nicola Bergamini
Avvocato Nicola Bergamini

Criminal law

The Bergamini Law Firm mainly dedicates itself to the criminal branch of the law.


The Firm offers legal consultation and assistance for any kind of violation that may involve its clients, both as suspects or accused, and as injured persons.


The lawyer Nicola Bergamini has always been working with proficiency and care on judicial proceedings that involve the so-called criminal law of the code: from the offences against the person to crimes against property, from the violations against the administration of justice to the ones against the public administration. Nicola Bergamini always works in the respect of the legal protection of processual reasons both of the accused and the victims as plaintiffs.


In addition to the issues connected to crimes against persons and property, the Bergamini Law Firm offers consultation and assistance also for: company-related criminal law, tax criminal law, environmental criminal law, labour criminal law, construction criminal law, criminal law and administrative responsibility of companies, criminal law and professional responsibility of doctors, and computer criminal law.


Starting from the fundamental concept of the Italian law, according to which for every citizen there is the principle of innocence, our Firm will do its utmost in order to demonstrate the non-involvement in the crime of the accused.


The lawyer Nicola Bergamini represents also the victims of crimes, thanks to his considerable experience in charges to be submitted to the appointee bodies. The Bergamini Law Firm represents its clients in bringing civil actions, and assists, in general, all the victims of crimes.


Furthermore, the Firm acquired a considerable experience in the field of the so-called defense investigations, working on them both for suspects and victims of crimes. If appropriate, the Firm takes advantage of proven experts and investigators, who act under the strict coordination of the Firm professionals. 


The Importance of Consultation


The legal consultation of a specialist criminal defense lawyer is fundamental; according to the Article 5 of the Criminal Code, no human being can invoke in his defense the ignorance of the law. Therefore, if you are a victim or a guilty party, it is essential to have a professional law firm to turn to.






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